An Introduction

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be alway acceptable in Thy sight, o’ Lord my strength and my redeemer.”


To all who do see this blog, I am an Anglican bibliophile dedicated to studies of English language and literature, with a particular focus on early modern sermons and, within the context of a borad number of sources including homiletic language, plague literature.


I am also an Anglican whose faith has recently grown in the face of a world seeking to become more secular and turn its face away from its Merciful Creator.


I chose to begin this blog not only as a daily reflection on the beautiful liturgy of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (1611, 1928), but also offer the blogging space as one in which a community of believers may gather, recognizing that God is not dead, but very much alive, seeking those who trust in Him and thirst for His Gospel.

I hope that this blog can provide a space for theological, intellectual reflection and discussion. I am an English major, seeking to grow my faith by analyzing morning and evening prayer, but I am also a person wishing to offer, through the keyboard, prayers and God’s word to you.

If you have a prayer request, a question, or a comment, please post. I will place a link up for prayer lists, stories, and other requests soon.

In Christ,



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